How to create your own WhatsApp stickers

How to create your own whatsapp stickers


This is a very cool trick you can even add your own photo as a WhatsApp sticker on WhatsApp and send it to your friends and surprise them.

1. Whatsapp stickers support only png type image which has no background, so download any background eraser app from play store and erase the background of the image which you want to use as a sticker and make minimum three png images because for adding this png images on WhatsApp as stickers you need minimum three images group

2. click on download button to direct download background eraser app

2. Once you erase the background of the image then you need one more app which will help you add this photos as WhatsApp stickers on WhatsApp which is personal stickers for WhatsApp.

3. Download Personal stickers for WhatsApp app from play store.

4. Once you download this app then open it when you open this app it will automatically scan your gallery for PNG images and you will see all your PNG image there.

5. and there is an option for adding that images on WhatsApp stickers, click on add tab to add your image on WhatsApp stickers.

6. now you will see your own image is available as a WhatsApp sticker on your WhatsApp, send this to your friends and surprise them.

How to download new WhatsApp stickers

1. Open any chat in WhatsApp

2. Click on emoji icon and then click on sticker icon which is available in below side of WhatsApp.

3. you will see plus icon there on the upper right corner click on it

4. After clicking on it you will see a page which shows you All stickers and my stickers tab

5. you will see their lots of WhatsApp stickers pack available, click on the download icon for downloading stickers 

6. If you want more WhatsApp stickers then scroll down that page and you will see get more sticker tab click on it and it will redirect you to the play store for downloading stickers and then download stickers from there which you want.

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